Phases of Job Interview - interview tips

"The article gives some information and helpful tips about pre-interview, interview and post-interview. If you follow these suggestions, then it can help you in getting prepared for an interview."Job interview is an important aspect, especially, when you are going through it. Make sure you are proficient in understanding the phases of a job interview. It is not about sending resumes and getting selected, but rather learning through the experience. Before starting your search and sending resumes, you should be aware of the different stages of an interview. Below is a list of them-: Pre-Interview Preparations A job seeker does a lot of research about the company, where the interview is being conducted. Understanding the working of an organization, company's latest trends and developments, product and services, etc. It is recommended to reach on time and for that take into consideration the factors such as distance, traffic, etc. Prepare some questions and answers, but make sure to answer the questions in a narrative way. This makes your answers sound interesting, as it can attract the attention of an interviewer. Check yourself before going for an interview. For instance, how you talk? How you enter an interview room? Etc. Practice these things so, that you are not nervous while giving an interview. It is better if you can imagine the whole scenario with a friend or colleague and practice giving the answers. Then you can give answers confidently without hesitating. Prepare some questions which you would like to know from the employer about the company or your role. Carry all the important documents such as your resume, letters of recommendation, etc. which you think can be asked by an employer. 2. While giving an Interview Make sure to enter the room in a way which reflects your personality. It is being said "First impression is your last impression. When you enter the interview room, greet the interviewer. The signs of getting nervous are how you talk and walk? A lot of people have the habit of moving legs, or fidgeting with their fingers. Try to be calm and relax. Answer questions in a story manner, end it in the same way. Don't talk about salary in the beginning, instead wait till the end of the interview. Be calm and relaxed, even if you can't answer any question. Don't get upset about it, but rather focus on the present moment. It is good to ask some questions from an interviewer, so that you are aware about the company and the roles and responsibilities you would have if you are part of the organization. This indicates you are interested to get knowledge about the company. When leaving the interview room, greet the employer by saying "Thank You". These are small things, but they make a lasting impression on the person who is taking your interview. 3. Post Interview A nice gesture is to send a Thank you note or follow-up letter to the interviewer. Even if you are not selected, don't be upset about it. You get a job when mutual needs are perfectly met, i.e. an employer and employee are both fully satisfied. Even if the interview didn't go well, don't write about it on any social networking site. Since an employer or anyone who reads it may have negative thinking about you.