Not Using Best Recruiting Weapon

You’re Probably Not Using Your Best Recruiting Weapon

What if I told you that your company possesses a powerful recruiting weapon – I’m talking nuclear strength. It’s so powerful, in fact, that using this weapon would almost certainly improve your quality of hires, retention, productivity, and overall employee happiness.

And what if I told you that every company has the ability to cultivate this weapon in the arms-race that is recruiting?

Maybe you already guessed it, but I’m talking about company culture – or the collective behaviors, values, beliefs, and norms within a company. Put simply, it’s the company’s personality. And it’s a huge consideration when talent is scoping out their next job.

How huge?

Consider this: a recent CareerBuilder survey found that “91% of candidates believe employment brand plays a key role in their decision whether or not to apply.” 91%. And what’s a main driver of “employment brand”?

You guessed it: company culture.