Counter Offer Considerations

Should You Accept A Counter Offer?

If you’ve got a job offer, receiving a counter offer from your current employer signals your abilities are desired – congratulations, you’re a valuable employee! The question is, do you accept a new opportunity or continue your current job?

Our friends at The Creative Group have discovered that although counter offers are becoming more common, accepting one isn’t always a wise decision. Thanks to this useful infographic sourced from US marketing and advertising executives, the inherent risk of accepting a counter offer is easier to grasp.

Consider this: If you’re mentally prepared to leave, is it a smart long term decision to prolong your stay at your current workplace? And would accepting a counter offer signify a lack of loyalty?


57% Employers said it was somewhat common for employees to accept a counter offer made.
28% of Employers believe an employee that accepts a counteroffer will be less loyal to the company.
21% are concerned that an employee’s concerns couldn’t be satisfactorily fulfilled.
39% of employers say the main reason to issue a counter offer is to avoid losing an employee with valuable skills.