Counter Offer Considerations

Should You Accept A Counter Offer?

If you’ve got a job offer, receiving a counter offer from your current employer signals your abilities are desired – congratulations, you’re a valuable employee! The question is, do you accept a new opportunity or continue your current job? Our friends at The Creative Group have discovered that although counter offers are becoming more common,

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Happy Employees Earn Higher Salaries

Why Happy Employees Earn Higher Salaries

Have you ever negotiated your study? Or do you struggle to feel comfortable demanding more? PayScale have released a salary negotiation guide, a combination of the best pieces of salary negotiation advice and a survey that features over 31,000 US individuals feedback. The guide also includes more than 15 articles, featuring in-depth analysis from PayScale

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Not Using Best Recruiting Weapon

You’re Probably Not Using Your Best Recruiting Weapon

What if I told you that your company possesses a powerful recruiting weapon – I’m talking nuclear strength. It’s so powerful, in fact, that using this weapon would almost certainly improve your quality of hires, retention, productivity, and overall employee happiness. And what if I told you that every company has the ability to cultivate

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My Job Kickstarted a New Career

Opportunity, Not Calamity: How Losing My Job Kickstarted a New Career Journey

When the ax falls on a job you’ve had for 13 years – which is what happened to me – it can be pretty devastating. But when my job as a diversity director was eliminated during the 2009 economic crisis, I was determined that this was going to be an opportunity, not a calamity. Once

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