Quality Engineer

  • AGCO
  • US - MN - Jackson
  • 2 weeks ago

Company Name: AGCO

Location: Jackson, MN, US

Job Duration: 2023-11-14 to 2023-12-15


ummary of Responsibilities:


Develops and implements quality assurance standards, processes and controls. Develops methods for inspection, testing sampling, and training. Evaluates production capabilities and recommends improvements. Provides quality assurance support to ensure that the products produced are manufactured in accordance to the specifications and requirements as defined by the customer and/or company. Respond to customer identified issues and assist in maintaining the Quality Management System.  Leads the production PPR team for resolving issues in support of AOI/TTF goals.


Summary of Duties:


Essential Functions / Responsibilities:


  • Quality Improvement Teams: Organizes and facilitates the Quality Improvement Team Meetings in their respective areas. Supports Quality Gate Inspectors and LDMS Leads in maintaining action registers and charts for the meetings.


  • Product & Process Audits: Performs required audits by completing necessary inspection procedures (product operation, certification and test procedures), using the appropriate documentation, and attesting to the quality of the product prior to shipment.


  • Quality Requirements: Ensures and verifies accuracy and completeness of quality requirements in the QMS, inspection sheets, engineering documents and sampling sheets used when inspecting parts or units.


  • Quality Measurements: Uses basic precision measuring tools, workmanship standards, visual inspection and referencing specifications and blueprints to identify discrepancies. May include calibration activities.


  • Document Deficiencies: Document deficiencies identified that do not meet the specifications and requirements. Provide a means to track and address repetitive issues.


  • Troubleshooting/Problem Solving: Troubleshoots daily issues and determines the root cause of the problem. Initiates proper Problem Solving procedures in order to resolve the problem. Involves the appropriate departments.


  • Pilot Runs: Assist Central Quality, Manufacturing and Design Engineering during pilot runs of prototype units to determine undocumented quality requirements and/or test procedures that should be added to the Quality Requirements.


  • Interact with Service: Works with the Service Department to exchange quality information necessary to promote continuous improvement.


  • Communications: Communicate in the appropriate manner with the appropriate formats (i.e. documents, email, charts, etc.) as necessary to convey quality information to the required parties.


  • Change Request (CR): Participate and make recommendations for continuous improvement by submitting CR’s and following through to insure their proper implementation.


  • Deviations: Initiates deviations for individual parts, assemblies or machines when it is applicable.


  • Non-conformities: Initiate by completing the information required on the appropriate form pertinent to the (Red Tag’s & Rework Sheets) issue identified.


  • Corrective / Preventative Actions (CA): Initiate Corrective/Preventative Action notices as determined necessary to ensure quality processes and products.


  • Meetings: Leads and participates in meetings as required. Completes follow-up activities in a timely manner.


  • Training – Resource: Provides training to the appropriate people as required on product operation and/or important information that has been identified that requires a “need-to-know” status.


  • Continuous Improvement /Special Projects: Assist and participate when required and approved by the Department Manager.




Required Education/Certifications:


  • Applicants must have one of the educational/experience backgrounds to apply:


    • CQE Certificate (Certified Quality Engineer)
    • Four-year college degree
    • 10 years relevant manufacturing experience


  • Quality Tools & Techniques: Effectively uses quality tools and techniques to assist in determining compliance to specifications, trends, capabilities, and opportunities for continuous improvement.


  • Blueprint Reading: Ability to read and interpret blueprints applicable to the process.


  • Computer Knowledge: Must be knowledgeable of computer systems and proficient in pertinent software related to daily functions of the job.  Able to learn software systems as they evolve.  Examples include but not limited to:


    • SAP
    • MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint.
    • SPC Software
    • CAD software:  Windchill and TeamCenter


  • Access Required Documents: Ability to learn and access the required documents necessary to perform job function.


Working Conditions: Fairly light physical activity generally associated with an office environment. Will be exposed to noise and dust while in the production and test areas thus requiring the appropriate safety equipment such as safety glasses, ear plugs and other protective equipment as necessary.




  • Required Experience: 10 years relevant experience in manufacturing and production processes. Prefer experience in the automotive or agricultural equipment manufacturing industries.



Required Skills:


  • Team Player/Teamwork: Must possess good interpersonal skills. Demonstrates the ability to work with others efficiently and effectively either one-on-one, as a team, or in a group.


  • Personality: Must possess a positive attitude with self-motivation.


  • Communication: Must be able to communicate effectively with good verbal and writing skills.


  • Problem Solving: Ability to utilize problem solving skills and techniques to achieve problem resolution. Problem solving skills may include experience with:


    • Six Sigma
    • Lean Manufacturing / Kaizen Events
    • Problem Solving Disciplines (5D, 6D, 7D, 8D)


Special Job Dimensions:


  • Ability to work in a Manufacturing environment as well as Office environment.