Assoc Aerospace Engineer Job

Company Name: Alliant Techsystems

Location: Northridge, CA, US - 91324

Job Duration: 2021-11-09 to 2021-12-09


Job ID: RP20161611-37353

Job Description:

Conduct design and analysis tasks in the area of autonomous flight vehicle guidance navigation control (GNC), target state estimation (T) and aerodynamics (Aero). Apply knowledge of classical/modern control, flight dynamics and estimation theories to the investigation and implementation of GNC/T algorithms. Work with direction from project lead and other senior GNC/T/Aero engineers. Implement technical solutions in the development, integration, and completion of the GNC/T/Aero design and verification tasks to meet specified program and technical objectives. Ensure product design compliance with related specifications, customer contract requirements, company standards, and engineering principles.

Minimum Qualifications:

• BS degree in engineering, physics, mathematics or applied science
• 2+ months in the field of autonomous air vehicle guidance navigation control (GNC), target state estimation (T) or aerodynamics (Aero)
• Demonstrated analysis capabilities using MATLAB and/or Simulink
• Demonstrated capabilities in the use of at least one of the tools:
• non-linear vehicle dynamics simulation tool
• linear control analysis tool for flight vehicle
• computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool
• Demonstrated understanding of at least 3 technical areas:
• Flight control system algorithm development and analysis
• Control actuator system modeling, testing ,and specification
• Navigation system algorithm development and analysis
• Navigation sensor modeling, testing, and specification
• Missile or aircraft flight dynamics
• Target State Estimation, Target Geolocating, Target Filter, Track File Manager
• GNC/T system requirements development
• Excellent communication and presentation skills

Desired Qualifications:

• Demonstrated innovation and/or problem solving