PVD Automation Operator – Night Shift

Company Name: Kennametal, Inc.

Location: Orwell, OH, US - 44076

Job Duration: 2021-04-07 to 2021-05-07


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PVD Automation Operator – Orwell, OH

12-hour rotating night shift


Key Job Responsibilities 

Build heats for PVD furnaces. Work instructions for what needs cleaned and the PM schedule will be developed and utilize routine schedule. Daily PM cleaning of machine may be necessary. General mechanical knowledge of how PVD rod loading works and diagnosing/reading what errors or faults pop up on the machine. Understanding of robotics and controls for troubleshooting and adjustments needed to correct problems quickly. Gather and verify all setup and raw materials per the route card, verify product and style match route card. Follow standard operating procedures to complete orders. Maintain production for automated rod loading/unloading while performing other duties as assigned. Complete production records and data entry as required in the system. Sustain 6S standards through good housekeeping and execution of standard work staging of fixtures. Staging of these components is critical for continuous run operation. Verify that all safety-related devices, machine guarding, signage are in place and functioning prior to production. Perform quality inspection and quantity verification of incoming product prior to coating. Originate documentation to accompany heats through the Coating process. Visually inspect coated carbide inserts with unaided eye and microscope. Transfer inserts to next work center. Communicate pertinent information to oncoming shifts. Operate other equipment as needed. 


Key Job Accountabilities

Commitment to working safely and understand all safety procedures. Deviations in routine are handled according to operating procedures and/or work instructions. Operator responsible for following inspection control plan, assuring product is processed according to proper routings, specifications and the quantity and style are correct. Work to meet daily departmental production goals and minimize machine downtime. Communicate safety, quality and product issues with supervisor, team members and across shifts.  Establish and maintain effective working relationship with co-workers by willingness to take on additional responsibility and/or support.  Substitute and back-up manual process when necessary. 


Knowledge and Skills

Is able to handle inserts with fingers without chipping. Understand proper use of  30X Microscope. Communicate with inspectors, supervisors, and managers. Proficiency reached in 8 weeks or less. General HMI/PLC knowledge of HMI screen to enter data into the machine, and PLC/PC knowledge for reading the Mii dashboard and understanding which orders get which fixture components. Able to read and understand routings, insert identification manual and operating procedures. Must be reliable and dependable. Requires accuracy critical to customer satisfaction. Proficient in basic math, mechanics, computer skills, window applications. Logical thinking skills are essential to understand automated systems and isolate problems. Proficient in blueprint reading, understand insert dimension and how to correlate to machine performance and defect criteria. Proficient in troubleshooting issues, determining root cause and conducting repair.   


Work Environment

Environment with controlled temperatures and dust collection systems. Safety glasses with side-shields, Safety shoes, and gloves required. Cut-resistant gloves when necessary. 


Physical Demands

Approximately twelve hours sitting or standing with three break opportunities per work day. Intermittent walking, reaching, sitting/standing and bending. Lifting frequently insert trays weighing no more than thirty-three (33) pounds. 


Problem Solving

Run orders by due date. Follow control plan. Assignments and instructions communicated orally and carried out by standing guidelines. Problems solved by operator using learned knowledge of insert styles and production processes and consulting co-workers and supervisor.  Operators use Insert Defect Criteria on the Kennametal Intranet to determine acceptance/rejection of product. 


Education and Experience

Must have a High School diploma or GED



As part of our core values, Kennametal is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people.  We are an Equal Opportunity employer.