Company Name: Hoag Hospital Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Location: Irvine, CA, US - 92602

Job Duration: 2021-04-08 to 2021-05-08


The Imaging Aide works with and provides assistance to all hospital based departments of Imaging Services. This includes, but is not limited to, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT Scan) and Radiology Nursing Services. Responsibilities include the ongoing facilitation of patient flow through the department and being the central source of communication between departments, staff and patients to maximize the patient care experience. The Imaging Aide is a versatile individual with excellent communication skills that is able to multi-task, prioritize all requests as appropriate and assist any department in which they are assigned.


Essential Functions

• Facilitate Patient Flow:

o Under the direction of the coordinating technologist in the department, contacts the floor nurses to ensure completion of the following:

Patient MR safety checklists (if required)

Contrast consent forms (if required)

Patients are adequately prepped for procedure.

All patient work-up information is collected (patient diet, medication list, additional exams needed, etc.).

All required transport related patient information is completed and available before calling Central Dispatch.

o Assists the coordinating technologist in prioritizing daily duties, thus enabling the department to maintain daily schedule and maximize productivity.

o Monitors, maintains and coordinates patient throughput in procedure rooms as directed.

o When requested, checks to ensure outpatients are fully prepared for their procedure (patient is dressed appropriately, IV has been placed by RN if required.

o Collaborates with other areas of the department as necessary to coordinate inpatients requiring multi-modality exams.

o When required, assists with the interdepartmental transportation of patients having multiple exams.

o If requested, provides/delivers supplies to the technologist performing portable exams on the floors.

o As necessary, retrieves patient lab results from SCM or via phone call to the lab; documents results on patient exam requisition for technologist/radiologist reference.

• Facilitate Communication Flow:

o If requested, may be responsible for the ongoing flow of telephone communications in assigned department.

o Able to assist the scheduling department with the coordination of same day addon examinations.

• Patient Care Responsibilities:

o As required, remains with any patient brought into the department while awaiting their procedure.

o If requested, remains in the procedure room with the patient to ensure they are not left unattended if the technologist is required to step out.

o Provides patient assistance as necessary when travelling to/from department restrooms.

o If required in some assigned areas, may perform iSTAT blood creatinine test with additional competencies and report result to technologist/radiologist for review. Restricted to performing tests on previously obtained, accurately labeled specimens.

o Is able to effectively coordinate the turnover of all exam rooms in designated area, cleaning after each patient and preparing the room for the next procedure.

o As requested in some assigned areas, is able to attach/remove table extensions or head holders for CT examinations.

o If requested, monitors/maintains consistent stock of patient linens and supplies in each exam room of assigned department.

o Able to assist with the cleaning/maintenance of minor equipment within assigned departments as required.

o As required, empties departmental blue recycle cans into centrally located collection bin to ensure the proper disposal of confidential patient information.

o In applicable areas, monitors and updates refrigerator temperature logs, ensuring they are up to date and reporting any variance requiring attention to the appropriate parties.

• Perform other duties as assigned.


Education, Training and Experience





High School Diploma. Minimum of 3 years experience. Prior knowledge of imaging procedures and operations.


Skills or Other Qualifications





i-Stat device training; trained in advanced MR safety. Previous experience with purchasing/ordering and management of supplies.


License and Certifications


American Heart Association BLS Certification