Company Name: Hoag Hospital Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Location: Newport Beach, CA, US - 92657

Job Duration: 2021-05-04 to 2021-06-03


The Cath Lab Aide is responsible for the transport of elective and emergent patients with assistance of an ACLS RN to and from the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Holding with monitoring.  Other duties include restocking and maintenance of supplies within the department to meet patient volume.  Assists with room turnover and general organizational duties. Proficiency in OR standard room cleaning concepts. Transports clinical lab samples if necessary and may transport non-controlled pharmaceuticals to the lab when requested. Assists scheduler with duties when necessary. Adheres to OR attire dress code.


Essential Functions

  • Transports patients to and from the cardiac catheterization lab and other cardiology areas as assigned with assistance of ACLS RN
  • Transports lab samples and specimens to appropriate clinical lab areas as assigned.
  • Transports non-controlled pharmaceuticals to lab as requested.
  • Assists with room turn-around and general organization of work areas; anticipating the department needs.
  • Assists with receipt, distribution, and storage of supplies. Practice LEAN concept within the department.
  • Maintains clean well organized and properly stocked work areas.
  • Performs job function in accordance with departmental policy and procedures.
  • Maintains current knowledge of departmental updates and Policy & Procedures.
  • Accommodates changes in workload within the department.
  • During light workload situations, seeks out additional tasks/duties for the department.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in accepting schedule and work assignments. Dressed appropriately and on time for start of shift assigned.
  • Keeps supervisor informed when problems may interfere with work being completed on time.
  • Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances to promote cooperation and minimize disruption to
    working environment.
  • Responds appropriately to inquiries and complaints.
  • Reports to the Supervisor in a timely manner all “near misses”, potential, and actual errors.
  • Provides adequate/flexible staffing in section to handle the workload.
  • Provides safe environment.
  • Always identifies self to patient.
  • Utilizes radiation protection devices, limit radiation dose.
  • Answers questions concisely and honestly
  • Provide cheerful, informative atmosphere.
  • Provide understandable and informative communication and explanation of procedure
  • Assist with patient movement as needed.
  • Provides comfort and support.
  • Clinical Care:  Ensure patient care is delivered and the unit is maintained in accordance with professional regulatory standards. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate population as outlined in the job description and competencies
  • Performs other duties as assigned


Education, Training and Experience


Required:  High School Diploma or equivalent

Preferred: Previous Hospital Experience

Skills or Other Qualifications


Required: Good interpersonal and communication skills.  Knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control.  Ability to follow instructions.  Demonstrate clinical proficiency specific to age of population served. 

Preferred:  N/A


License and Certifications


Required: Current BCLS Certification